• Derek Bell


Another midweek, another game and frankly this is one we could do with out. The Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup comes to town and we are all promised a caramel wafer on admittance which may well prove to be the highlight of the night. Now is not the time for the wafer/teacake debate.

Our visitor are that other Rangers from the West Coast but not the first team instead it will be the Colts. We can only hope that the dugout roofs have been strengthened in case they score.

With a small squad the biggest fear tomorrow is that we pick up any injuries, it's one of those instances where on a pragmatic level it wouldn't be a disaster if we lost. However, these players need to learn what it feels like to win and the crowd need to be reminded what it means to win. A win is a win is a win.

Personally I never particularly cared for the Challenge Cup when it was just the non-premier clubs. I quite like the idea of having Irish, Welsh or English clubs in it - takes me back to the Texaco or Drybrough Cups of my childhood - but I would have it as a pre-season tournament taking up the space currently occupied by the League Cup, then move into the League Cup Groups and start the league season later but we know the Premiership clubs will never agree to that. What I do object to is the presence of the Colt sides in the cup, I see this as mission creep by the top clubs to getting them into the league.

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