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After some controversial and confusing decisions to start the season. Here's a quick reminder what has changed over the summer.


Keeper must have one foot on, or above the line if jumping

Keeper cannot stand behind or in front of line

Kick can't be taken if keeper touching the woodwork or net

Kick can't be taken if net or posts moving after being touched


Deliberate handball remains an offence

Accidental handball is an offence and gives a free kick or penalty if

- ball goes in net of the attacker

- player gets ball using arm then scores or creates a goal

- hand or arm makes their body unnaturally bigger

- hand or arm is above their shoulder

Accidental handball is not an offence if

- ball is knocked onto to a hand by player in question or a nearby one

- arm or hand close to body and not made it unnaturally bigger

- if player is falling and arm or hand is between body and ground for support, but not making the body body bigger

If the keeper attempts to clear a throw-in or backpass and clearance fails they can handle the ball


No more of this...

If play is stopped the ball is dropped to a player on the team that last touched it where they touched it and all other players have to be four and half yards away. If play stopped in penalty area automatically goes to keeper regardless of who last touched it.


Can be played to a team-mate in the box. Opponents must stay out of box


...or this

When there are three or more defenders in the wall the attacking team cannot put a player in the wall or on the end of the wall, if an attacker is within a yard of the wall an indirect free kick is awarded to defending team.

If the referee is about to issue a card but the team offended against decide on a quick free kick creating a goal scoring opportunity then the card can be delayed until the next stoppage but if he's started the process of issuing the card play is called back.


Imagine Mike Dean waving a red card

Managers and coaching staff are now issued with red and yellow cards, if they can't identify culprit then most senior in the technical area receives it.


The player being replaced must leave by the nearest point on the touchline/goal line.


The team that wins the toss can now choose either which goal to attack or to have the kick off. (I thought this was the case anyway, but apparently not - they could only choose which goal to attack)

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