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Welcome to NewBlackAndGoldDream, a brand new site for supporters of Berwick Rangers FC and anyone else who may be interested in our club, Scottish football, non-league football or just curious.

The site was created in summer 2019 following the most traumatic season in the history of club. A season that saw the end of our tenure in the Scottish Professional Football League and relegation to the Scottish Lowland League.

A lowpoint in the club's history may seem completely the wrong time to try to launch a new site but the club faces enormous challenges on and off the pitch over the next few years as it seeks to regain League status and hopefully we will be documenting a period where things start to improve.

The aim of the site is to reflect on these challenges, to document the new adventure as we enter what for us is uncharted territory but also to look back and feature the chequered history of the club. We will be principally about Berwick Rangers FC but won't ignore the wider football universe as the game goes through a time of significant change.

We can also be found on the usual social media and the idea behind the website is to feature longer form articles and comment and to give greater depth to the content provided on those. We welcome submissions, contributions and suggestions for the site and all will be considered. (If you are unsure what we are looking for think more When Saturday Comes/The Blizzard than Soccer AM).

The site will probably take some time to come together and may very well go through various redesigns and changes - bear with me, I'm totally new to all this and learning as I go along.

NewBlackAndGoldDream is totally independent of the football club and other supporter organisations.

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